Why Live Here?

Why live here?

Our ValleySalida Colorado View

More fourteen thousand foot peaks surround our valley than any other in the lower forty eight states.

More champagne powder falls on our local ski area annually than any other in the entire state bar one. (and that’s just down the road.)

Sheltered by towering peaks, our “Banana Belt” winter time climate is more like Santa Fe than typical mountain communities.

 Unsurpassed recreational opportunities – over eighty percent of our valley is designated as public land – a recreationist’s dream.

 A river runs through it. From it’s headwaters high among the valley’s fourteeners, the Arkansas River flows free and clear, bringing life to the farms, ranches and communities along its banks, and recreational opportunities for fishermen, kayakers and rafters unrivalled in the entire country.

Our Community

salida kidsAll the natural beauty in the world means nothing if the people who share it do not also share the same values and ideals. For us, a healthy, functioning community is one where dialogue is encouraged, diversity is respected. People greet each other, support each other, encourage each other and buy locally. Public amenities like libraries, hot springs and parks are the focal points of social interaction. Sitting on your stoop takes precedence over sitting in front of your TV. The sound of children at play is more prevalent than the sound of sirens wailing. Starlight overpowers street light.

People and priorities – the reasons we live here.